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Build Your Own Living Revocable Trust

Build Your Own Living Revocable Trust PDF Author: Patrick X. Gallagher
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781514675854
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Languages : en
Pages : 72

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Living Revocable Trust: What You Need to Know to Create One Today!? Why wait when it can be done now? Free yourself of future problems with your Will by building your very own Living Revocable Trust. You do not have to be a millionaire in order to build a Trust. Anyone who wants to protect his or her assets should have a Trust. This eBook is here to help you out.This eBook - "Building your Own Living Revocable Trust: A Pocket Guide to Creating a Living Revocable Trust"- was created by author Patrick X. Gallagher with the aim to offer an easy and inexpensive way of creating your very own Trust. The author provides a personal narrative of his experience in creating his own living revocable trust. He turns this narrative into a self-help instructional and in-depth discussion of how you can build your own Trust. If you want to protect your assets while you are still able to do so, then do it now. Create your living revocable trust and you will eliminate the hassle of going to a probate court in the future. Sure you can create your Will to protect your assets and make sure that your family gets them. But after you have died, your family needs to prove in a probate court that the Will is valid. With a Living Revocable Trust, you can save your family from the pain and financial stress of a probate hearing.This new living trust eBook guarantees a clear, straight-forward, and thorough break down of the steps you will undertake in order to write and complete your very own trust. In addition to these steps, the author also includes in his Living Revocable Trust eBook some of the document samples.He guarantees that you will spend less money in building your own Trust that you will normally have to pay a lawyer to make.Patrick X. Gallagher wants to share his experience and know-how on building a living revocable trust to those who would like to know which assets should be included and excluded from a Trust. Those who would also like to empower themselves with the benefits of a creating a living revocable trust will benefit from buying this eBook. Moreover, those who are self-directed will reap the advantages of having this eBook in their hands. You can learn from someone who has already created and funded his own Trust without the help of a lawyer who may seem to be only after the money that they will get from assisting you. While the author is not a lawyer, this plays to the advantage of the eBook reader. The author assures that the eBook will be a healthy exchange of ideas between someone who has experienced creating a Trust all by himself and someone who just want things done thoroughly yet inexpensively. Why keep a Trust for your Assets? Why Not Settle for a Will?Apart from the reasons extensively explained in this eBook, a living revocable trust is a document that can be revoked, changed, or terminated at any time that the Trustee (the creator of the Trust) wishes to do so. In this way, your assets become more fluid. Also, the assets are kept protected as the Trust can be updated while the Trustee is still alive and well.Unlike a Will, a Trust is more flexible and sustainable. A complete analysis and comparison between a Trust and a Will is presented in this eBook.While you are still around to protect your assets, why not start building your own Living Revocable Trust? Do not wait for your family to suffer the consequences of a probate.Get Started with Building a Living Revocable Trust.Protect your assets by creating a document that privately assures the security of your assets that you want to pass down to your family and relatives.Free yourself from the troubles while you still can. This eBook is here to help you complete a living revocable trust easily minus the headache and cost of dealing with lawyers. Be your own financial guru and protect your family today.Wait no Longer - click the buy button now!