Serverless Beyond the Buzzword

Serverless Beyond the Buzzword PDF Author: Thomas Smart
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1543761666
Category : Design
Languages : en
Pages : 370


Book Description
This book is for anyone interested in Serverless, regardless of their technical level. I share strategic insights for entrepreneurs and executives, planning and team insights for project managers, and technical insights for architects and team leads. The intent is to provide a deep but relevant understanding of Serverless Architecture and how it could impact your business and your projects.

Serverless Beyond the Buzzword, Second Edition

Serverless Beyond the Buzzword, Second Edition PDF Author: Thomas Smart
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781484287606
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 0


Book Description
Know how Serverless and cloud-native systems work, their benefits and roles in automating and optimizing organizations, and the challenges to be considered. Anyone interested in Serverless architecture will benefit from this book, regardless of their level of technical understanding. This revised and expanded new edition explains many related terms, such as microservices, cloud-native, architecture, several relevant AWS services, and how it all works together to produce cost-effective, scalable solutions in the cloud. The book starts at a high level and gradually gets more in-depth and technical. The less technical decision maker will learn how Serverless can affect finance, security, people, and compliance. The book touches on important decisions, such as selecting and working with external or internal specialists and teams; finding, evaluating, and training them; and the flexibility and dynamics available within digital projects. Deployment automation and DevOps also feature heavily in this book, and you will find real-world use cases and examples of Serverless architecture to get you started. It's worth noting that this book is not a development guide; it gives you a comprehensive understanding of what Serverless is so you can make informed decisions for your organization and projects. What You’ll Learn Understand Serverless architecture and strategy Understand modern cloud management strategy, governance, and organizational team structure Handle budget planning and management Get started with Serverless architecture design Gain knowledge of best practices and security, as well as data management and DevOps Study proactive logging, operations, architecture examples, case studies, and more Who This Book Is For Anyone interested in a deep understanding of Serverless and how it can impact organizations and projects, regardless of their technical level. Strategic insights are provided for entrepreneurs and executives, planning and team insights for project managers, and technical insights for architects and team leads. Cloud consultants working with enterprises can read everything for a full, in-depth understanding of the topic. Other readers, such as less technical CTOs/CIOs, VPs, entrepreneurs, product owners, project managers, etc., can get what they need from the first 5-7 chapters. More technical readers and those experienced with Serverless can skim through the first 3 chapters and start with the security deep dive in Chapter 4.

Data Infrastructure Management

Data Infrastructure Management PDF Author: Greg Schulz
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0429559976
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 250


Book Description
This book looks at various application and data demand drivers, along with data infrastructure options from legacy on premise, public cloud, hybrid, software-defined data center (SDDC), software data infrastructure (SDI), container as well as serverless along with infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), IT as a Service (ITaaS) along with related technology, trends, tools, techniques and strategies. Filled with example scenarios, tips and strategy considerations, the book covers frequently asked questions and answers to aid strategy as well as decision-making.

Neuronale Netze Selbst Programmieren

Neuronale Netze Selbst Programmieren PDF Author: Tariq Rashid
ISBN: 9781492064046
Category :
Languages : de
Pages : 232


Book Description
Neuronale Netze sind Schlüsselelemente des Deep Learning und der Künstlichen Intelligenz, die heute zu Erstaunlichem in der Lage sind. Dennoch verstehen nur wenige, wie Neuronale Netze tatsächlich funktionieren. Dieses Buch nimmt Sie mit auf eine unterhaltsame Reise, die mit ganz einfachen Ideen beginnt und Ihnen Schritt für Schritt zeigt, wie Neuronale Netze arbeiten. Dafür brauchen Sie keine tieferen Mathematik-Kenntnisse, denn alle mathematischen Konzepte werden behutsam und mit vielen Illustrationen erläutert. Dann geht es in die Praxis: Sie programmieren Ihr eigenes Neuronales Netz mit Python und bringen ihm bei, handgeschriebene Zahlen zu erkennen, bis es eine Performance wie ein professionell entwickeltes Netz erreicht. Zum Schluss lassen Sie das Netz noch auf einem Raspberry Pi Zero laufen. - Tariq Rashid hat eine besondere Fähigkeit, schwierige Konzepte verständlich zu erklären, dadurch werden Neuronale Netze für jeden Interessierten zugänglich und praktisch nachvollziehbar.